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Updated: Jul 8

The New Normal

A wedding may get affected due to the current scenario but not the spirit channelising the zing of the wedding in to intimate affair is another take on weddings altogether. We at Clicks maintain the guidelines without compromising on the photography aspect.

The Bridal Preps

Don’t get caught up in trends.

Certain precautions will save you from the VIRUS.Its best if the Makeup artists use masks and latex gloves while doing the makeup.

Keeping alarms or reminders on the phone to wash or sanitise hands every 15-20 mins is a good idea.

The NEW Bride Essentials

Goa Private Beach Weddings

In this post-pandemic era, what’s important to realise is that we don’t need to stop celebrating, but change the way we celebrate. While we’re at it, what could be better than a private villa tucked in a serene location, away from COVID-19 hotspots. 

Premium safety measures,

minimum contact surety,

maximum output..

bountiful experience! We're going vivid with COVID-19 around!