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Feed Your Soul

Updated: May 14

Now is the perfect time for artists to begin/ practice/ level up their self portraits practices.

With so many of us safe at home we need a creative and therapeutic outlet, and we need to start creating art like


This has triggered to me,


I am a wedding photographer. Intensively feel what I capture .. emotions. Its all about creating & make it worth the click. Now as I have a great opportunity at being home in lockdown period..Self portrait is my new baby. Now I'm on this beautiful journey of discovery one one's self. The practice has thought me how to be patient and discerning and has shifted my perspective about photography and one own self worth.Its a distraction creativity. You learn a lot doing SELF PORTRAIT.

There are several words I could use to describe this shoot, but I think the one that stands out the most is therapeutic. #SELFPORTAITS. In the midst of a really tough covid conditions, it provided a safe place. A place to create, even though my mind was not at full capacity to create. A place of no judgement. A place with experiments + inspiration. I am so thankful for the few hours where I could escape reality and remember why I love what I do, why I am passionate about it.

Bringing out my skills at home, this shoot will always mean more than just pretty pictures. It is a sign of progress; a sign of not surrendering to desires to stay hidden when things get tough. A sign that even in the midst of heart ache, you are stronger than you think.

I believe in the power of sharing and sometimes it helps to know others are going through stuff, too. You aren't alone. I hope all of these words made some sort of sense. and if you got to the end of this, props to ya! If you haven't gotten anything out hope you enjoyed scrolling till here and the pictures made it up to you!